What we do

Successful investment is about more than performance.

It means managing the often complex interaction between real estate assets, finance, taxation, credit risk and accounting.

In order that our clients gain the full benefit of their investment we offer a range of support services and we also arrange financing, tax structuring, legal services and accountancy advice.

Asset management

Active, ongoing asset management is vital if you want to protect your investment and maximise its value. That's why Northridge develops and implements short-term and long-term asset management strategies to look after your investments.

The agreed business plan is reviewed and revised each quarter according to conditions in the asset and capital markets.

Investor clients receive quarterly reports incorporating business plans, projections and performance measures for each investment, along with detailed operating and capital budgets and timely and accurate financial statements. For investments in private housing we offer a concierge service to ensure your property is secure, well maintained and fully provisioned.

Development Services

If you are interested in speculative investment projects we offer joint venture partnerships with specialist developers in European commercial and residential real estate.

We constantly seek out promising projects from development partners with good track records. We look to achieve results in the shortest timescale and structure each project so that the development partner is incentivised to exceed the business plan.

Northridge has partnered with a number of private and publicly listed companies, many of whom have returned for follow-on deals. Usually they need a partner offering outside capital, financial expertise and an understanding of their business objectives.

Through our extensive banking contacts, Northridge can also source and negotiate debt financing on attractive terms.